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List of armor in Dragon Quest IX

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Maid outfit
Muscle belt
Xenlon robe
Item Def
Leather armour
Leather Armour 6
Scale armour
Scale Armour 9
Scale armour
Large-Scale Armour 17
Chain mail
Chain Mail 11
Bronze armour
Bronze Armour 14
Iron cuirass
Iron Cuirass 16
Silver cuirass
Silver Cuirass 25
Iron armour
Iron Armour 18
Iron armour
Full Plate Armour 28
Full plate armour
Gigasteel Armour
Tortoise shell
Tortoise Shell 22
Tortoise shell
Tortoiseshell Armour 30
Silver mail
Silver Mail
Gold mail
Gold Mail
Platinum mail
Platinum Mail
Heavy armour
Heavy Armour
Warriors armour
Warrior's Armour
Femiscyran mail
Femiscyran Mail
Magic armour
Magic Armour 37
Magic armour
Enchanted Armour
Ethereal armour
Ethereal Armour
Spiked armour
Spiked Armour 39
Dragon mail
Dragon Mail
Tactical vest
Tactical Vest
Brawling byrnie
Brawling Byrnie
Holy mail
Holy Mail
Holy femail
Holy Femail
Dragon warrior armour
Dragon Warrior Armour 38
Sacrosanct armour
Sacred Armour 46
Sacrosanct armour
Sacrosanct Armour
Veterans armour
Veteran's Armour
Mirror armour
Mirror Armour 52
Catoptric armour
Catoptric Armour
Gigant armour
Gigant Armour
Metal slime armour
Metal Slime Armour
Metal slime armour
Liquid Metal Armour
Metal slime armour
Metal King Armour
Rusty armour
Rusty Armour
Erdricks armour
Erdrick's Armour
Victorious armour
Victorious Armour
Victorious armour
Glorious Armour
Victorious armour
Mythical Armour
IX - Legendary armour sprite
Legendary Armour
Plain clothes
Plain Clothes 2
Wayfarers clothes
Wayfarer's Clothes
Leather dress
Leather Dress
Leather dress


Plain dress
Plain Dress
Summer dress
Summer Dress
Tracksuit top
Training Top 7
Tracksuit top
Tracksuit Top 15
Leather cape
Leather Cape 8
Swinedimples blazer
Swinedimples Blazer 10
Dancers costume
Dancer's Costume 13
Garish garb
Garish Garb
Fur poncho
Fur Poncho 15
White t shirt
White T-Shirt 11
Jolly roger jumper
Jolly Roger Jumper 19
Shipmates shirt
Shipmate's Shirt
Cloak of evasion
Cloak Of Evasion 13
Cloak of concealment
Cloak Of Concealment 18
Gooey Gear
Bunny suit-0
Bunny Suit 22
Smart suit
Smart Suit
Spangled dress
Spangled Dress
Velvet cape
Velvet Cape
Majestic mantle
Majestic Mantle
Tusslers top
Tussler's Top 31
Dragon Dress
Dragon Dress
Flamenco shirt
Flamenco Shirt
Dancers dress-0
Dancer's Dress 38
Rogues robes
Rogue's Robes
Roguess robes
Roguess's Robes
Fur vest
Fur Vest 36
Nomadic deel
Nomadic Deel
Stars suit
Star's Suit
Superstars suit
Superstar's Suit
Tint tastic tutu
Tint-Tastic Tutu
Technicolor tutu
Technicolour Tutu
Dangerous bikini top
Dangerous Bikini Top
Hot bikini top
Hot Bikini Top
Sizzling bikini top
Sizzling Bikini Top
Dragon top
Dragon Top
Dark robe
Dark Robe
Macabre mantle
Macabre Mantle
Combat top
Combat Top
Combat Costume
Combat Costume
Twinkling tuxedo
Twinking Tuxedo
Shimmering dress
Shimmering Dress
Dangerous bustier
Dangerous Bustier
Silk bustier
Silk Bustier
Divine bustier
Divine Bustier
Pallium regale
Pallium Regale
Silk Robe
Robe of serenity
Robe of Serenity
Robe of serenity
Robe Of Sweet Dreams
Best vest
Best Vest
Magical robes
Magical Robes 15
Magical robes
Enchanted Robes
Ethereal robes
Ethereal Robes
Ascetic robe
Ascetic Robe
Ascetic robe
Saintly Robe
Priestess pinafore
Priestess's Pinafore
Fizzle retardant suit
Fizzle-Retardant Suit
Fizzle retardant suit
Fizzle-Proof Suit
Fizzle retardant blouse
Fizzle-Retardant Blouse
Fencing jacket
Fencing Jacket
Fencing frock
Fencing Frock
Sages robe
Sage's Robe
Maidens mantle
Maiden's Mantle
Flowing dress
Flowing Dress 25
Wizards robe
Wizard's Robe
Witchs robe
Witch's Robe
Cape of good karma
Cape of Good Karma
Divine dress
Divine Dress
Princes pea coat
Prince's Pea Coat
Princes pea coat
King's Coat
Princes pea coat
Emperor's Attire
Princess robe
Princess's Robe
Princess robe
Queen's Robe
Princess robe
Empress's Robe
Nightmare gown
Nightmare Gown
Celestrias gown-0
Celestria's Gown
Celestrias gown-0
Celestria's Raiment
Xenlon robe
Dragon Robe
Xenlon robe
Xenlon Robe
Angels robe
Angel's Robe
Angels robe
Archangel's Robe
Angels robe
Aeon's Robe
Seraphs robe
Seraph's Robe
Muscle belt
Muscle Belt
Maid outfit
Maid Outfit
Celestial suit
Celestial Suit 2
White tuxedo
White Tuxedo
Wedding dress
Wedding Dress
Santa suit
Santa Suit
Santas little helper suit
Santa's Little Helper Suit
Skeleton suit
Skeleton Suit
Captains coat
Captain's Coat
Alefgard armour
Alefgard Armour
Midenhall garb
Midenhall Garb
Aliahan clothes
Aliahan Clothes
Zenithian clothes
Zenithian Clothes
Zenithian leotard
Zenithian Leotard
Gothan robe
Gothan Robe
Somnia clothes
Somnia Clothes
Estard clothes
Estard Clothes
Trodain togs
Trodain Togs
Cannock cloak
Cannock Cloak
Moonbrooke dress
Moonbrooke Dress
Ragnars armour
Ragnar's Armour
Alenas dress
Alena's Dress
Kiryls clothes
Kiryl's Clothes
Boryas robe
Borya's Robe
Tornekos clothes
Torneko's Clothes
Mayas outfit
Maya's Outfit
Meenas robe
Meena's Robe
Biancas clothes
Bianca's Clothes
Neras dress
Nera's Dress
Deborahs dress
Debora's Dress
Carvers vest
Carver's Vest
Millys clothes
Milly's Clothes
Ashlynns clothes
Ashlynn's Clothes
Kiefers clothes
Kiefer's Clothes
Maribels clothes
Maribel's Clothes
Trodes robes
Trode's Robes
Yangus billy
Yangus's Billy
Jessicas frock
Jessica's Frock
Templars togs
Templar's Togs
Fleurettes frock
Fleurette's Frock
Stellar suit
Stellar Suit
Erinns outfit
Erinn's Outfit
Pattys dirndl
Patty's Dirndl
Sellmas frock
Sellma's Frock 30
Aquilas armour
Aquila's Armour

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