The following are Boomerang skills in Dragon Quest IX. Boomerang skills can be learned via Ranger, Sage, and Luminary classes.

Crosscutter Throw

Hits all enemies following by the first target a second time. It costs 2 MP to use.

Power Throw

Hits all enemies. Costs 4 MP to use.

Ooze Bruiser

An attack that deals heavy damage to slimes.

Starburst Throw

Deals heavy Light elemental damage to all enemies. Costs 6 MP to use.

Firebird Throw

Hits several random enemies with fire damage. Costs 4 MP to use.


An attack that can damage enemies with metal bodies. It deals one extra point of damage. Costs 3 MP to use.

Omnivocational Rangmaster

Enables the character to use boomerangs with any vocation.


Sears a single enemy with lashings of lightning. Skill can be used if the book, The Boomerang Bible is in the character's items and a boomerang is equipped.

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