The following are Bow skills in Dragon Quest IX. Bow skills can be learned via Armamentalist, Ranger, and Sage classes.

Pts Name Effect
3 Conjury conducter Attack and attempt to reduce target's magic resistance.
7 Attack +10 (Passive) Adds 10 to attack when equipping bows
13 Flutter disaster High damage to bird-type enemies.
22 Critical hit rate up (Passive) Increases chance of critical attack.
35 Needle shot May kill enemy in one hit. Otherwise does 1 point of damage.
42 Attack +20 (Passive) Adds 20 to attack when equipping bows
58 Rain of pain Attacks 4 times randomly.
76 Attack +30 (Passive) Adds 30 to attack when equipping bows
88 Hallowed arrow Attack and absorb MP from enemy.
100 Omnivocational bowmaster (Passive) Allows character to equip bows with any vocation.


Arrow attack that showers all enemies with arrows of light. Skill can be used if the book, Archery for the Adept is in the character's items and a bow is equipped.

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