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This is a list of characters in Dragon Quest VIII

Party Members

  • Hero: The main character, a guard of Trodain Castle. Has full immunity to all types of curses. The reason for this is revealed in the endgame.
  • Yangus: A brigand who joined the team when the hero saved his life.
  • Jessica: A young lady out to avenge her brother Alistair who was murdered by Dhoulmagus.
  • Angelo: A delinquent monk who was sent to avenge Abbot Francesco's death.

Other Characters

  • King Trode: King of Trodain Castle before it was devastated by Dhoulmagus's curse. Was himself cursed by Dhoulmagus to have the form of a troll. Travels with the party but doesn't fight.
  • Munchie: A small rodent that always accompanies the hero on his adventures. Turns out later to be his grandfather in disguse.
  • Princess Medea: Cursed by Dhoulmagus to have the form of a horse. Pulls the wagon. Acts as a love intrest to the Hero.
  • Kalderasha: An out-of-work fortune teller.
  • Valentina: Adopted daughter of Kalderasha.
  • Marcello: Angelo's brother who became Abbot after the previous Abbot's death.
  • Ishmahri: Inhabitant of the Moonshadow realm.
  • Red: A collector of valuables treasures. Was once romantically involved with Yangus.
  • Morrie: Runs a monster arena.


  • Dhoulmagus: A thief who stole a cursed staff, then got possessed by Rapthorne.
  • Rhapthorne: A evil demon who is trapped in a staff. Is manipulating events for the purpose of freeing himself.

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