The following are claw skills in Dragon Quest IX. Claw skills can be learned via the Martial Artist and Thief classes.

Pts Name Effect
3 Propellor blade 2 hit attack, 2nd hit is treated as magic.
7 Attack +10 (Passive) Adds 10 to attack when equipping claws
13 Can opener Heavy damage to machine-type enemies.
22 Critical hit rate up (Passive) Increased chance of a critical hit when equipping claws
35 Flailing nails 4 hit attack on a single enemy
42 Attack +20 (Passive) Adds 20 to attack when equipping claws
58 Hardclaw 2 hit attack, very strong, targets a single enemy
76 Attack +30 (Passive) Adds 30 to attack when equipping claws
88 Rake 'n' break Attack and perform Disruptive Wave on the target.
100 Omnivocational clawmaster (Passive) Allows character to equip claws with any vocation.


Unholy attack that flays foe's flesh from their bones. Skill can be used if the book, The Core of the Claw is in the character's items and a claw is equipped.

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