Enlightenment skills are learned via the Sage class.

Jack's Knack

Allows you to switch vocations on the field. Costs 3 MP to use.

Right as Rain

Applies a replenishing rain shower that restores HP after each turn. Costs 6 MP to use

Disruptive Wave

Removes all status changes from enemies. Costs 10 MP to use.

Caster Sugar

Increases the users magical might & magical mending by one level. Costs 8 MP to use.

Passive bonuses

Fully maximizing the Enlightenment skill tree will grant the following permanent bonuses for the character:

  • Magical Might +60
  • Magical Mending +60
  • MP +60
  • All MP costs are reduced by 25%

Sage's Scriptures

By completing the final Sage's Quest, users attain the Twocus Pocus skill which allows a spell to be cast twice with the same MP.