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List of fisticuffs skills in Dragon Quest IX

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The following are fisticuffs skills in Dragon Quest IX. Fisticuffs skills can be learned via the Martial Artist, Thief, Gladiator, and Ranger classes.

Stone's Throw

Hurls rocks at a single group of enemies. Does about the same damage as a regular attack but hits an entire group.

Wind Sickles

Group attack that deals extra damage to elemental foes.

Knuckle Sandwich

A powerfully focused and damaging bare-fisted strike. Costs 2 MP to use.


A rampant, random four-hit physical attack. This attack targets all enemies and strikes four times randomly.

Boulder Toss

Throws a boulder. Costs 8 MP to use.

Passive Bonuses

  • +4% evasion bonus
  • Attack +100 (With Fisticuffs)

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