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List of focus skills in Dragon Quest IX

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Focus skills are learned via the Martial Artist class.

  • War Cry
A battle cry that paralyzes a group of enemies with fear. This prevents them from :taking their next turn (similar to Pratfall).
  • Psyche Up
Boosts the user's tension by one level.
  • Mens Sana
Removes negative status changes from user. Costs 2 MP to use.
  • Mind Over Matter
Applies Insulate to protect from breath attacks. Costs 1 MP to use.
  • Meditation
Heals self for at least 80 HP. Costs 3 MP to use, making it slightly more cost :efficient than Midheal.
  • Passive Bonuses
Fully maximizing the Focus skill tree will grant the following permanent bonuses :for the character:

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