LIst of footwear in DQ9
Name: Stats: Description: Rarity:
Leather boots Defence:2

Unrefined footwear

made of hide.

1 star
Wellington boots Defence:5

Robust rubber boots that

insulate against electrical attacks.

1 star
Iron sabatons Defence:7

Basic boots made of


1 star
Steel sabatons Defence:11

Brawny boots made of

mighty metal.

1 star
Gigasteel sabatons Defence:15

Beautiful boots made of

a miraculous metal.

1 star
Warrior's boots Defence:11

Steadfast footwear

worn by warriors.

1 star
Femysciran footwear Defence:11

Lightweight boots that allow lady

warriors ease of movement.

1 star
Frugal footwear


Magical mending:5

Resolutely unshowy

shoes popular with priests.

1 star
Wizard wellies


Magical might:5

Bewitching pointed boots that are much-loved by mages. 1 star
Bandit boots



Fast, flexible footwear favoured by those of the filching fraternity. 1 star



Fleet footwear that's made to measure for minstrels. 1 star
Payback pumps Defence:14 A gift for gladiators that bounces a beating back at its perpetrator. 1 star

Sorry for not listing all footwear. I haven't got much time).


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