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List of guts skills in Dragon Quest IX

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Guts skills are learned via the Gladiator class.

Clap Trap

A stinging slap across the face. Costs 1 MP to use. Actually does more damage than a regular attack.

Double Up

Lowers defense a little (one level) to increase attack a lot (two levels).

Double-Edged Slash

Deals a high powered attack that inflicts recoil on the user. Warning: A highly tensioned character can easily kill themselves with this attack.

Blind Man's Biff

Heavily damages a single, randomly chosen enemy. Costs 4 MP to use.

Feel the Burn

User's tension will increase every time they're attacked. Costs 6 MP to use.

Passive Bonuses

Fully maximizing the Guts skill tree will grant the following permanent bonuses for the character:

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