The following are Hammer skills in Dragon Quest IX. Hammer skills can be learned via Gladiator and Paladin classes.

Heart Breaker

An attack that may prevent the opponent from acting on their next turn. Costs 2 MP to use.

Penny Pincher

An attack that can steal money. Costs 2 MP to use.

Bagsy Last

Attacks last in the turn for increased damage. Costs 3 MP to use.

Monster Masher

An attack that deals heavy damage to material enemies.


Hits every opponent with earth damage. Costs 12 MP to use.

Omnivocational Hammermaster

Enables the character to use hammers with any vocation.


An enormous explosion that engulfs all enemies. Skill can be used if the book, Hardcore Hammering is in the character's items and a hammer is equipped.

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