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List of helmets in Dragon Quest II

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NES version

Name Stat Modified Modifier Buy Price (in gold) Sell Price (in gold) Location
Iron Helmet Defense +6 3150 Tantegel (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Osterfair (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Wellgarth (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Tuhn (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Beran (sold at weapons/armor shop)
Helmet of Erdrick Defense +20 N/A Exchange the Token of Erdrick for this helmet in the monolith to the southeast of Tantegel Castle.
Mysterious hat Defense +4 (NES Verison)
+8 (GBC Version)
N/A 15,000 Magic vampirus might drop this. In the GBC Version, one can be found in a chest at the Cave to Rhone.

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