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NES version

Name Stat Modified Modifier Buy Price (in gold) Sell Price (in gold) Location
Leather Helmet Defense +2 80 60 Reeve (sold at weapon/armor shop)
Romaly (sold at weapon/armor shop)
Isis (sold at weapon/armor shop)
Golden Crown Defense +6 N/A Left by Robbin' 'ood the first time you defeat him.
Mysterious Hat Defense +8 N/A 6 Occasionally dropped by Firn fiends.
Turban Defense +8 160 120 Reeve (sold at weapon/armor shop)
Assaram (sold at weapon/armor shop)
Iron Helmet Defense +16 2,000 750 Assaram (sold at weapon/armor shop)
Iron Mask Defense +25 3,500 2,625 Tedanki (sold at weapon/armor shop)
Muor (sold at weapon/armor shop)
Lancel (sold at weapon/armor shop)
Unlucky Helmet Defense +35 N/A Occasionally dropped by Minidemons.
Noh Mask Defense +255 N/A 1 Found in the Cave of Jipang.

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