The Legendary Set is the name given to the best pieces of equipment in Dragon Quest IX. They have four 'forms' as explained below.


The first form of each piece of equipment can be dropped by grotto bosses. The weapons can be acquired from rank 10 chests.

The second form is acquired by alchemising a piece of first form equipment with 1 Agate of Evolution and 1 certain colored Orb.

The third form is made when an alchemiracle is failed. They are made by alchemising a second form piece of equipment, three Agates of Evolution, and three certain colored Orbs.

The fourth form is made when you succeed an alchemiracle. The recipe is the same as third form, but there is a chance between 10 and 50% of making the five-star gear.

Acquiring Legendary Equipment

There are two ways of doing this. Each grotto boss (with the exception of Greygnarl) has a 2% chance of dropping the first form of a piece of legendary equipment. You can use the Hoimi table to acquire them this way, or defeat the bosses a lot.

The second way is through DQVC. Some weeks, the first form of some legendary equipment is available to buy.


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