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Farebury- Is the first town you get into and the home of Kalederasha(the fortune teller)

Alexandria- Jessica's home town, along with Bangerz and Mash. Also the second town to enter.

Port Prospect- Location of the ferry ship. Third town to enter.

Peregrin Quay- The first town in the southern continent and the fourth town Hero and the party enters.

Simpleton- The town where Angelo makes his first appearence in and is the fifth town.

Maella Abbey- Is not really a town but is Angelo's home and is also the home of Marcello and Abott Francisco along with the templar knights and priests.

Ascantha Castle- The home of King Pavan and is the sixth town to enter.

Pickham- Yangus's home town. Is filled with thieves, robbers, and crooks. And is one of two towns with a casino.


Baccarat- Is Golding's home town along with his adopted children, Cash and Carrie. And is the only other town with a casino.

Argonia- Is the home of King Clavius and his son Prince Charmles.

Arcadia- Is Master Dominico's home and is where one of the great sages David lives.


Empycchu- The only town on the godbird isle, is where the godbird Empyrea is seen.

Dark Empycchu- Is in the World of Darkness and is also where Empyrea is. In the other Empycchu she is just a shadow.

Tryan Gully- Is the only town where monsters and humans get along. And is King Trode's favorite town.

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