24 August 2010

This video is a shameless plug for Pagoda's youtube channel. It debunks the long time rumor that taking the princess to the Dragonlord in the original Dragon Quest produces some sort of easter egg. Check out the channel for many more Dragon Quest walkthrough videos.

17 August 2010

This featured video features music from Dragon Quest IX. Although it doesn't appear on the official soundtrack, several old music selections return including the dungeon music from Dragon Quest III. You will have to be pretty far in the game to hear it though, as it only is played within certain treasure map grottos.

27 July 2010

For those of you playing Dragon Quest IX, here's a helpful video! It shows a great strategy for farming liquid metal slimes later in the game. You'll have to get to The Bowhole, but after that, it's easy!

12 July 2010

Dragon Quest IX has been released! Go get your copy today! Here is the second Seth Green commercial which has been airing as part of Nintendo's advertising campaign.

6 July 2010

This Sunday, Dragon Quest IX will be released in North America! This video is the commercial which has been shown on TV and in movie theaters in recent weeks. It features Seth Green of Austin Powers and Robot Chicken fame.

28 June 2010

Dragon Quest IX will be released in North America on July 11, 2010. It also arrives in Europe on July 23rd. It is the first main series Dragon Quest game to be developed for the Nintendo DS. It also is the first to feature multiplayer which can be used passively and actively in gameplay. Pick up a copy at your local game store soon!

2 June 2010

Debora Briscoletti putting the voluptuous hurt on the Crocodilopolis. This is one of the many special attacks in the Japan-only arcade game, Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road II, where a slew of characters from the series can be called upon to execute various moves, often to awe-inspiring, or just plain over-the-top, ends.

20 May 2010

Final boss battle in Dragon Quest V. The evil Mildrath (Nimzo in official releases) is defeated. This is one of the fan translations of the SNES version of Dragon Quest V.