Virtue skills are learned via the Paladin class.


Similar to Defend, except the enemy will also suffer damage upon attacking the user, proportionate to the amount of damage dealt.


Transfers a portion of the user's health to another party member. Costs 3 MP to use.


Transfers a portion of the user's MP to another party member. This is very effective on sages as their immense mana pools allow them to recharge other party members MP with this skill.


Similar to Whipping boy, but only defends any in critical HP.


Similar to Whipping boy, but takes damage for the entire party. If combined with damage reflecting abilities like Magic mirror and Reverse cycle, it can turn an opponent's devastating attack back on its user.

Passive Bonuses

Fully maximizing the Virtue skill tree will grant the following permanent bonuses for the character:

  • Resilience +100
  • Magical Mending +30
  • HP +80

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