Name Attack Equip Notes
Astrea's abacus 35 Torneko Casts Poof
Battle-axe 50 Hero, Ragnar, Psaro
Cautery sword 45 Hero, Ragnar, Torneko, Psaro Casts Sizz
Chain sickle 20 Hero, Ragnar, Alena, Kiryl, Torneko, Meena, Psaro
Cobra claw 80 Alena, Maya May poison
Copper sword 12 Hero, Ragnar, Torneko, Meena, Psaro
Cypress stick 2 Hero, Ragnar, Kiryl, Borya, Meena, Maya
Demon spear 100 Ragnar, Psaro May kill an enemy
Divine dagger 14 Everyone
Double-edged sword 99 Hero, Ragnar Cursed
Dragonsbane 90 Hero, Ragnar, Psaro Effective vs. dragons
Dream blade 60 Hero, Ragnar May cause sleep
Falcon blade 67 Hero, Ragnar, Psaro Attacks twice per round
Falcon knife earrings 5 Female only iconHero, Alena, Meena, Maya Attacks twice per round
Fire claw 60 Alena, Psaro Casts Sizzle
Flail of destruction 115 Ragnar, Torneko Hits all enemies
Gringham whip 125 Alena, Meena, Maya Hits a whole group.
Hela's hammer 40 Hero, Ragnar, Psaro Cursed
Holy lance 33 Kiryl, Meena
Hunter's bow 18 Hero, Ragnar, Alena, Kiryl, Borya, Torneko, Meena, Maya
Icicle dirk 75 Hero, Ragnar, Psaro Cast Crackle
Iron claw 38 Alena
Iron fan 22 Maya
Iron lance 28 Hero, Ragnar, Kiryl, Torneko, Psaro
Lightning staff 29 Borya, Maya Casts Sizzle
Liquid metal sword 130 Hero, Ragnar, Kiryl, Torneko, Meena, Psaro Effective against metal monsters
Magma staff 63 Kiryl, Borya, Meena, Maya Casts Bang
Massacre sword 120 Ragnar, Torneko, Psaro Cursed; Casts Kasap
Miracle sword 100 Hero, Ragnar, Torneko, Psaro Restores some HP on attack
Oaken club 7 Hero, Ragnar, Alena, Torneko, Kiryl, Maya
Pandemonic sword 150 Psaro
Poison moth knife 24 Borya, Meena, Maya Can paralyze
Poison needle 0 Maya
Silver Tarot Cards 21 Meena Tarot reading
Somatic staff 60 Kiryl, Borya, Meena, Maya Drains user's MP
Staff of antimagic 50 Kiryl, Borya, Meena, Maya Casts Fizzle
Staff of divine wrath 35 Kiryl, Meena Casts Swoosh
Staff of salvation 5 Kiryl, Borya, Meena Casts Midheal
Steel broadsword 40 Hero, Ragnar, Psaro
Thalian staff 33 Kiryl, Borya, Meena, Maya
Zenithian sword 110 Hero Casts Disruptive Wave

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