Dragon Quest VI
DQVIDS - Lizzie



Japanese name ドランゴ
Rōmaji Drango
Gender Female
Title(s) Unknown
Class Dragon
Race(s) Hacksaurus
Age Unknown
Family Unknown

Lizzie is a recruitable character in VI, currently her only appearance. First observed on Wayfarer's Pass between Arkbolt and Trinity Inn, she battled with Terry in defence of her eggs, but was captured by him per a challenge from Arkbolt when she was tagged a serious threat.


Lizzie is a hacksaurus, thus she keeps the green scales, frills, and tiny wings that hacksauruses are known for. She has red eyes as well and carries a large axe, a trait common among hacksaurus.


Lizzie is shown to converse with the party somewhat normally via party chat, but doesn't really have much dialogue. Her limited dialogue consists of broken grammar, laboured through spittle. These traits make Lizzie's speech worse than most other monsters. She has some kind of loyalty towards Terry ever since he defeated her. It is implied that this is because she was impressed by his strength.



Main Games


After arriving in Arkbolt, the party is informed of a dangerous monster that is preventing passage through Wayfarer's Pass. They offer to take the job of felling the beast, but per the kingdom's custom, they must be tested. Battling through a gauntlet of Arkbolt's finest knights, they survive the test and are given a large coffin for the capture. Trekking over the pass, they find that Terry had arrived before them and is sparring with the monster as the party looks on. With his strength and skill behind him, Terry easily overpowers the beast and locks it in his coffin. Having done so, he returns and claims the sunderbolt blade, a national treasure. Though the party arrives a few steps too late, Terry's feat allows them to return and cross through Wayfarer's Pass, making the trip not a complete waste.

It is later revealed that Lizzie somehow survived the encounter with Terry and was locked inside the dungeons of Arkbolt.


Due to their connection, Lizzie's recruitment requires Terry to have joined the party, after the events of Cloudsgate Citadel. At this point, if the player brings Terry to Lizzie in the Arkbolt dungeons, she will join.


Lizzie starts at an incredibly low level and does not level up anywhere near as quickly as the other party members, though her stats and class make it very worthwhile to do the extra grinding.



Lizzie learns quite a few skills, being a dragon these are mainly breath attacks.

Name Level MP Description
Falcon Slash50A double slicing attack, faster than a falcon on the wing..
Flame Breath50A fiercely fiery breath attack
Hatchet Man90An unpredictable attack that can land a critical hit.
Inferno150A ferociously fiery breath attack.
Metal Slash200An attack that carves through even metal-bodied enemies.
Kazing2515Resurrects a fallen ally to full health.
Scorch300A scorching inferno of burning breath.


  • She is the only available party member who starts with the Dragon class.
  • This is partly because she is also the only recruitable monster who is not of the slime family.
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