Eastern Zere -Loch Storn-

Across the river to the blue dot.

Loch Storn is the name of the lake north of Stornway in IX.


You meet and fight the Wight Knight in Loch Storn.

Reaching Loch Storn

On either side of Stornway there are stairs leading to an elevated area of land. At the north of that land is a bridge across a river. You cross it and enter a new zone. There is a sign telling you where Loch Storm is. Once past the sign it is straight north. Go through the gap in the hedge and you are there.

About Loch Storn

Loch Storn is described as being a peaceful place with a beautiful view of the lake. When the character first enters Loch Storn, a small cut-scene plays, showing a slow pan of the lake that Loch Storn overlooks.

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