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Dragon Quest X Region
Lonely Plains
Lonely Plains
In game map of Lonely Plains
Japanese name ビタリへいげん
Rōmaji Bitterly Plains

Lonely Plains is the plain east of Bloomingdale and south of Dourbridge. The north-northeast is Heights of Loneliness.

Recipes found in Lonely Plain cottage: Staff of sentencing, Staff of divine wrath, Pillar of strength, Sacred claws, Foehn fan and Gale Force fan

Monsters in the Area

Dragon Quest IX (DS)  
Enemy Gold Exp Drop Item
#068 Clawcerer 104 G 212 Item icon Kitty litter
Staff Staff of sentencing
#069 Rampage 114 G 224 Item icon Lambswool
Item icon Magic beast hide
#070 Beakon 78 G 153 Item icon Chimaera wing
Footwear Clogs
#071 Mad moai 120 G 350 Item icon Royal soil
Item icon Flinstone
#072 Trigertaur 136 G 350 Item icon Magic beast hide
Lance Holy lance
#074 Toxic zombie 100 G 270 Item icon Manky mud
Legwear Boomer briefs

Notable Monsters

#074 - Toxic zombie
Zombie Family
HP MP Attack Defense Agility
150 10 82 35 32
Exp Gold Drop Item icon Manky mud
Legwear Boomer briefs
270 100 G
Note: Attacks carry poison, be sure you have enough antidote or a priest,thief,ranger or sage in your party.

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