Nottagen (formerly Loomin) is an island far to the north of Estard Island in Dragon Quest VII.


When the party first enters Nottagen, there are a lot of monsters inside the town led by Moostapha, and the sky is dark. After defeating Moostapha, the party goes west to the Pillar of Sulkk, where the root of all monsters are. They defeat Sulkk, and the town is temporarily at peace.

The party ends up returning to the past Nottagen for a second time because the present Nottagen is still destroyed. Now, Writhing Roots have sprouted all over the town, capturing people. Eventually, the party defeats the Malign Vine, and Nottagen is saved once again.

The party ends up going back to the past Nottagen once more for the present Nottagen has yet again failed to come to life. Buddy, the town mayor, has a new monster pet named Wiggles. People are very frightened of the monster, mostly because it is a monster and can destroy the town anytime. The townspeople ask the the party to kill Wiggles.

The party can choose whether to fight and kill Wiggles or refuse and help Buddy take Wiggles to another location.

Whether or not the party chooses to fight Wiggles, monsters of the same species as Wiggles soon attack the town. If the party chooses to not fight Wiggles, he will protect Nottagen, and die in the same time. If party chooses to fight and kill Wiggles, the town will be left defenseless and will be destroyed.

Sieble after killing Chibi

Buddy's response to the player fighting and killing Wiggles.


If you killed Wiggles, the town will still be destroyed. If not, the town will be there.

There is also a new park just near Nottagen. It is called Monster Meadows, in which you could ask monsters to go there. You could also give Monty, the owner and Buddy's descendant, Enclosure Plans to make new places for them to live. You could also talk to monsters (apparently they could talk), and sometimes what they say is comical.


  • Nottagen is a play on the phrase "Not Again!", due to the player having to repeatedly go back in time in order to save the town from another crisis.

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