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Loomin is an island far to the north of Estard Island in Dragon Quest 7.


In your first entry to Loomin, there are a lot of monsters inside the town, and the sky was dark. After exterminating the monsters in the town, they went to the Tower west of Loomin, where the root of all monsters are. They defeated the DarkDraco, and the town was now temporarily in peace.

They went back to Loomin for a second time because the present Loomin is still destroyed. Now, VineRoots are now in Loomin, capturing people. Eventually, they defeated the HellVine, and Loomin was now cleared of the VineRoots.

They went back to Loomin once more for the present Loomin has yet again failed to come to life. Sieble, the town mayor, has a new monster pet named Chibi. People are very frightened of the monster, mostly because it is a monster and can destroy the town anytime. They decide to go with the residents' plan to defeat the monster.

The party can choose whether to kill Chibi, or you let Chibi defeat you, the outcomes are very different.

If ever you killed him or not, monsters of the same species as Chibi soon attack the town. If you did not kill him, he will protect Loomin, and die in the same time. If you kill Chibi, the town will be very defenseless, and in the end, Loomin will be destroyed.
Sieble after killing Chibi

Sieble's response to the player killing Chibi.


If you kill Chibi, the town will still be destroyed. If not, the town will be there.

There is also a new park just near Loomin. It is called the monster park, in which you could ask monsters to go there. You could also give the owner blueprints to make new places for them to live. You could also talk to monsters (apparently they could talk), and sometimes what they say is comical.

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