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Lora's Cave is a dungeon in Dragon Quest II. It connects the northern continent containing Cannock and to the central continent containing Moonbrooke in Torland.


The cave has 3 entrances, one from the south, one on an island, and one in the Shrine West of Cannock. Initially, the heroes are only able to enter the cave from the Shrine West of Cannock. Access to the cave is restricted until the Prince of Cannock has been added to the party.

The cave primarily serves as a connecting dungeon, similar to the Swamp Cave. The island entrance exists as a decoy exit when the heroes are traveling south towards Hamlin from the northern continent.


The cave is named after Princess Lora of the first Dragon Quest. It is assumed that she and the hero from Dragon Quest traveled through the tunnel on the way to founding the kingdoms of Cannock and .


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