Lump mage
DQVIII - Lump mage
Japanese name げんじゅつし
Rōmaji Genji ~yutsushi
Family Humanoid
Introduced in III

Lump mage (formerly Nev, Mystifier and Lump Mage) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest game series.


Lump Mages are one of the most painful monsters to fight against due to their following abilities:

- They can split into two.

- They can cast Fuddle. (Causes party members to attack each other.)

- They can cast Dazzle. (Causes party members' accuracy to drop significantly.)

It is advised to target these monsters first and eliminate them ASAP before they multiply, once your party is dazzled, you will have a very difficult time killing them unless you have items/spells to dispel the effect.

Tips to Combat:

- Try and dispel any negative effects the party may have.

- Fixate on one first and use attacks which attack multiple enemies at once, such as Jessica's whip or the Hero's boomerang.

- Treat with Very High Priority.




#025 - Lump mage
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VIII
Console PS2
HP 38
MP 12
Attack 18
Defense 24
Agility 21
Experience 31
Gold 18
Dropped Item Cypress stick (common)
Wizard's staff (rare)
Family Humanoid
Description Physically quite weak, but capable of wearing enemies down by repeatedly casting unpleasant spells. Occasionally splits into two when losing in a battle.
Locations Maella Region

The Last Hope

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