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Magic Burst
Japanese マダンテ
Rōmaji Madante
Type Other
MP All
Introduced in IV

Magic Burst (formerly MegaMagic) is a spell in the Dragon Quest game series.


It uses all the user's remaining MP to launch an attack on all opponents, its power dependent on the amount of MP spent.



Absent from the original, it is the last spell Psaro acquires in the remakes, and is also used by the true final boss in Chapter 6.


The game of the spell's introduction, it is acquired by Ashlynn through an event. It can also be learned by assuming the liquid metal slime class.


Acquired through the Rosevine class, it is one of the most powerful spells in the game, dealing about 3 damage per MP used (and thus capable of nearly 3000 damage if the user has the maximum of 999 MP).


Learned by Jessica upon mastery of her fisticuffs skill set. Its power has been decreased from the earlier games, likely due to the ability to Psyche Up to raise an attack's potency. It is also used by Rhapthorne and the Ultimate dragon.


Sages who reach level 78 in the vocation will acquire the spell. As is the case with the previous installment, its damage has been reduced due to psyching up, and will only deal about 1.5 times the current MP of the user of damage if cast without tension. Corvus, in his second form, and Gem slimes can cast the spell. The Legacy Bosses Mortamor, Rhapthorne and Nokturnus all learn the ability at level 57.


The spell's nature has changed little from its introduction, applying to some resistances existing in the monster population. Powerful monsters, such as the prism peacock, acquire the spell, though, humorously enough, the basic slime is capable of learning it if their stats and lineage will allow.

Monsters 2

The spell remains mostly the same from the original Monsters title, only with a few of the new monsters learning it as well. The simple slime is still capable of learning the spell if it obtains the statistics for it.

Caravan Heart


Magic Burst can be learned through the Muspell skill set.

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