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Magic Armor
Artwork for Magic Armor from Dragon Quest VIII.

Magic Armor is an armor equipment item common in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest

 Magic Armor  (NES)
Defense +24
Buy Price 7700 G
Sell Price  ? G

Magic Armor
Location Info
Rimuldar Sold at armor shop (7700G)
Mercado Sold at armor shop (7700G)

Dragon Quest IX

 Magic Armour
Defence +37
Magical Might +4
Magical Mending +4
Buy Price 5800 G
Sell Price 2900 G
Flavor text A strange suit of armour that staves off spells.
Notes Sold in Gleeba.
Upgrades into Enchanted Armour.

Dragon Quest Swords


 Magic Armor  (Wii)
Defense +45
Buy Price  ? G
Sell Price 2100 G
Notes Reduces damage by enemy spells by 15%


Magic Armor
Location Info
Castle Avalonia Prize at Stilleto's shop, earn S rank on Ultra Hard Shooting Gallery

Equipping characters



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