Magic bikini
DQVIII - Magic bikini
Japanese name まほうのビキニ
Rōmaji Ma hō no bikini
Introduced in III

The Magic bikini is a special outfit in the Dragon Quest franchise. This beach outfit for women provides some protection against harmful magic.


Dragon Quest III

The magic bikini has a defence bonus of +40 in the NES version, +65 in all remake versions, and reduces magic damage taken by 33% in the GBC version. It can be equipped by any class as long as they are female. One can be obtained from the owner of Asham's theater after speaking to Lena in Damdara's inn. It also changes the wearer's appearance outside of battle.

Dragon Quest VIII

It is an outfit for Jessica, which changes her appearance when worn. It can be purchased in Arcadia and provides a defense bonus of +50. It also reduces damage from Frizz, Sizz, and Bang-type spells by 15.

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