Magma staff
DQVIII - Magma staff
Japanese name マグマのつえ
Rōmaji Maguma no tsue
Introduced in IV
Magma staff

The Magma staff, also known as the lava staff, is a recurring wand in the Dragon Quest franchise. It often is required to progress past a certain point by using it to remove a roadblock. Depending on the game, it will cast either BangBoom, or Magma Blast on all enemies when used as a tool in battle.


Dragon Quest IV

Magma staff ATK + 63

Can be equiped by: Borya, Kiryl, Maya, and Meena.

Can be used in battle to cast Bang.

It is found in Zamoksva's treasury and also serves as a key item since it unlocks the path to Femiscrya by causing a volcano eruption to clear a mountain path.

Dragon Quest V

The magma staff has an attack bonus of +63. It's found in the Stairway to Zenithia, and is necessary to open the entrance to Diggery Pokery.

Dragon Quest VI

The magma staff has an attack bonus of +63. It can be sold for 7,125 gold. HeroCarverMilly, and Ashlynn can equip it.

Dragon Quest VII

The magma staff has an attack bonus of +63 and a style bonus of +30. It can be equipped by MaribelSir Mervyn, and Aishe.

Dragon Quest VIII

Magma staff is a useful weapon capable of hitting all enemies in battle for decent damage. It is easy to make too, as it only requires a Rockbomb Shard and a Wizard's staff for the Alchemy pot to make it.

Dragon Quest IX

Magma staffs can be bought for 10,800 gold at Swinedimples Academy and sold for 5,400 gold. Live lavas drop them rarely. They have an attack bonus of +34, an MP absorption rate of 4, and a 1 star rarity. PriestsMagesPaladinsArmamentalists, and Sages can equip them. Its alchemy recipe is Stolos' staff x1 + Rockbomb shard x3 + Brighten rock x3.


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