Magma staff

Magma Staff is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest game series.



Magma staff ATK + 63

Can be equiped by: Borya, Kiryl, Maya, and Meena.

Can be used in battle to cast Bang.

It is found in Zamoksva's treasury and also serves as a key item since it unlocks the path to Femiscrya by causing a volcano eruption to clear a mountain path.




Magma staff is a useful weapon capable of hitting all enemies in battle for decent damage. It is easy to make too, as it only requires a Rockbomb Shard and a Wizard's staff for the Alchemy pot to make it.


Magma staff, when used as an item in battle, throws fireballs at a target. You can buy it at Swinedimples Academy, or steal it from a Live Lava

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