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The Malevolantern is a monster class available in the game Dragon Quest VII.


The Malevolantern is a monster that looks like a lamp to trick people. It gives a significant boost to agility and slight increases to appearance and intelligence. However, there is a moderate drop in all other categories.


To become a Malevolantern, a character must first master the Mimic and Walking Corpse classes. The player can also find a Malevolantern heart in the Immigrant Town with 30-34 people in it. The player can also get one from fighting a Malevolantern in the Demon Lord's Lair in the past.

Required for

Budoo (Class) (with HellGiant (Class))

Dragon Quest VII

Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 190
Strength -10 Percent
Agility +15 Percent
Guard +5 Percent
Intelligence +5 Percent
Appearance +10 Percent
Max HP -20 Percent
Max MP +20 Percent
Mastery Bonus +15 Bonus to Agility


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Oil Pot Stop Spell 1 One Group Has a chance of preventing one group of enemies from casting spells 3
2 Lamp Rust Nothing 15
3 Brass Lamp Panidance 35 One Group May cause confusion in one group of enemies 0
4 Copper Pot Nothing 60
5 Cur Lamp Snowstorm 80 One Group Causes ~55 HP in ice damage 5
6 Damn Lamp Nothing 120
7 Lamp Champ Ramming 145 One Enemy Attack causes user and enemy drop to drop to 20% HP if successful 0
8 Soul Eater Summon 190 Self Summons one of the four deities to fight for the party 20

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