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Dragon Quest II
Sprite MalrothSNES
Japanese Name シドー
Rōmaji Sydow
Title God Of Destruction
Race Unknown
Age Unknown
Family Unknown

Malroth (Japanese: Sidoh, used in the GBC translations) is the final boss in Dragon Quest II and a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series. Also known as 'The Destroyer', he is a god of destruction that hungers for the eradication of all things.

Being a god of destruction, Malroth is clearly powerful and capable of both altering his stats and those of his opponents, at least in the installment he originates from. He is also capable of breathing fire and can launch crippling physical attacks.


Malroth is a large demon covered mostly in blue scales (green in the original NES Dragon Quest II and in Dragon Quest IX) and wearing only a necklace with a skull on it. He has six limbs, four of which appear to be arms, a massive pair of wings and a serpent for a tail. His mouth is always shown as being a wide-opened grin, fangs clearly visible.


In all of his appearances Malroth has almost never spoken, preferring annihilation over conversation.



Main Games


At the start of the game, Malroth is only referenced to and rarely by his name. All that is first hinted to is his penchant for destruction and the fact that Hargon threatens all of Alefgard by trying to summon him.

The player's party does not come face-to-face with the mighty demon until after Hargon is defeated, after which he surrenders his life to Malroth and dies. When the party tries to move away from Hargon's throne, their path will be blocked by flames and the floor will begin to break apart, heralding Malroth's return and leaving the heroes to contend with him in the final battle of the game.

"Brings about destruction by breathing both fire and ice, and disruption with Disruptive Wave. Hard to harm with darkness. This deity of the damned enjoys nothing more than the sacrificed souls of his most sincere followers. Mmmmm!" - Dragon Quest IX bestiary

Malroth appears as a Legacy Boss, obtained after completing Quest #151 (or received at special events).

Level Range Secondary Drop Orb
1-3Midenhall boots15%Red Orb10%
4-8Midenhall trousers15%Red Orb10%
9-15Midenhall gloves15%Red Orb11%
16-25Midenhall garb15%Red Orb11%
26-40Midenhall helm15%Red Orb12%
41-56Midenhall boots20%Red Orb12%
57-68Midenhall trousers20%Red Orb13%
69-80Midenhall gloves20%Red Orb13%
81-90Midenhall garb20%Red Orb14%
91-99Midenhall helm20%Red Orb15%
Level New abilities
InitialBlazing Fire breath, attacks 1-2 times per turn, C-c-cold Breath
5Disruptive Wave
16Always attacks 2 times per turn.
41Hellfire breath, stops blazing fire/moreheal, begins attacking 3 times per turn
49Psyche Up
57Fullheal (only heals 999 HP)

Side Games


Malroth (Sidoh at the time) is one of the many boss characters players can breed to obtain. He also appears as the boss of the Gate of Demolition, though only on the second time through: players must first defeat Hargon and then go through the gate again to confront Malroth, whose presence is noted by Watabou when Hargon is defeated. It is interesting to note that this is the only time Malroth speaks in person, talking with pauses between words and occasionally syllables.

Monsters 2

Malroth (Sidoh at the time) is present. Additionally, like several other boss characters, he was given an additional form called Genosidoh, a far more fearsome looking form than that of his original.

A god of destruction who plans to usher death unto all living beings.

Malroth is present as a rank S member of the Demon family and is integral to synthesizing some of the most powerful monsters in the game, being needed to synthesize Zoma and Nimzo. Malroth himself can be synthesized by using a Living Statue and a Demon-at-arms, though other combinations exist.

Joker 2

Recipe: Hargon x Living Statue


Malroth will be appearing in the future musical game along side the other final bosses. His boss theme 'The True Evil' is more then likely what will be played.


  • Malroth has green scales in all main games he has appeared in (Dragon Quest II plus all its remakes and Dragon Quest IX as well) however, he was blue in the side-games (The Dragon Quest Monsters series among others). Whether this was purposeful or not is unknown.


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