Mandrake major
DQIX - Mandrake major
Japanese name リザードマン
Rōmaji Rizaadoman
Family Dragon
Introduced in V

Mandrake major (formerly Lizardman and LizardMan) is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest series.


Mandrake majors are blue-green dragons with orange spines and wing webbing. They are humanoid in pose, though their limbs are short enough to make them look better suited to quadrupedal movement, and have large wings and a long neck and tail. They are equipped with a sword and shield, as well as having some armor and a helmet that fits to their heads.




#147 - LizardMan
Game Appearance Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX
HP 190
MP 18
Attack 125
Defense 98
Agility 97
Experience 128
Gold 90
Dropped Item Steel Sword
LizardMan Heart (rare)
Spells Defense
Twin Hits
Family Dragon
Haunts Coastal


#104 - Mandrake Major
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
HP 107
MP 16
Attack 98
Defense 107
Agility 87
Experience 510
Gold 128
Dropped Item Dragon scale (common, 1/16)
Heavy armour (rare, 1/128)
Spells Oomph
Family Dragon
Description These reptilian raiders love to enhance their attacks with Oomph, then show off their razor-sharp sword skills.

Obsessed with swordplay, they thrive on blade battles, and keep their swords and skills sharp by slicing up travellers.

Haunts Urdus Marshland



Monsters 2

Monster Battle Road Victory

Monster Meadows Quotes

-"Gwwwaaargh hargh! I am a splendid specimen, I really am! Behold my magnificent musculature and mighty intellect!"

-"Gwwwaaargh hargh! Are you seriously telling me you don't have a tail? How terribly unevolved..."

-"Gwwwaaargh hargh! Can you sense it? Elegance, grace and refinement are positively oozing from every pore!"


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