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Mardra is a powerful kingdom with heavy emphasis on magic. In the past, Mardra was attacked by the Raguraz Kingdom, but its ruler, Prince Zeppel laid waste to Raguraz once and for all. Raguraz is nothing but a hollow-shell of a Kingdom now. There is a problem going on in Mardra anyway, as the Prince is seeking more high-grade magic in case the kingdom's enemies return. The High Priest fears that the Prince will be unable to handle such magic and works on developing his own anti-spell for the sake of the kingdom. Zeppel eventually performs the "Ultimate Magic" will transforms him into a demon, hellbent on wrecking his own castle, and he defeats the party in an unwinnable battle. The High Priest intervenes and casts the newly developed Majustis spell on Zeppel, which makes the battle winnable. After the smoke clears, Zeppel sees the error in his ways, and declares that Mardra will now focus on the arts, rather than magic. In the present, Mardra is ruled by Princess Michaela, who is a huge fan of music. Through her, the party later stages a Tula competition, in order to find a suitable player to accompany Aira's dancing during the second attempt to revive God in the Deja region. An often overlooked secret here is that the Hero can learn Majustis by inspecting the grave of the High Priest, and if they return and speak to him in the past, he will develop it further. Checking the grave a second time, allows the Hero to learn Gigastis, a multi-target Majustis.

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