Dragon Quest VII
DQVII3DS - Maribel
Japanese name Unknown
Rōmaji Unknown
Title(s) Fisherman's Daughter
Class Adjustable
Race(s) Human
Age 16
Family Mayor Mayde (father)
Unnamed mother

Amitt's only daughter. She has a tendency to think that the whole world revolves around her. Nonetheless, she is a faithful friend to you and Kiefer.

--Description from the Dragon Quest VII instructional manual.

Maribel Mayde is the daughter of the mayor of Pilchard Bay in Dragon Quest VII.


Maribel has long ginger-red hair that she wears in curls. She wears a simple one piece robe and a orange kerchief over her hair.


Maribel is quite snobbish. Being the daughter of the mayor has helped nurture this trait. Her target is usually the Hero. She regards him as a lackey, expecting him to provide protection to her, even in battle. She can be very pushy, especially when she doesn't get her way. Maribel has no problem expressing her opinion on any subject, going so far as to label the WindSpirit a slut. To her parents, she is a tomboy and they would like her to be more ladylike However, beneath this facade is a gentle heart. After she learns of her father's illness, she voluntarily leaves the party to look after him. She likes to blame everything on others. For example: In the Ballymolloy story, she talks to the hero and keeps him up from sleep, then blames it on him for keeping her up!



Main Games


In the beginning of the night, Maribel is talking to the Hero. She asks him if he will ever tell her where he and Kiefer go every day. Regardless of what the player answers, she will tell him that she will find out someday.

On the day of the Amitt festival, Maribel tries to stow away on the fishing expedition. However she is found out by the hero. When she yells at him for revealing her hiding spot, she is discovered by the ship's cook who proceeds to throw her off the ship.

Afterwards, King Donald summons the hero to Estard Castle. Maribel witnesses this summons and tags along, telling him that she wanted to go shopping in the castle town. The two head to the castle town where she leaves him to talk to the king, telling him that she can find her way back home by herself.

When the Hero and Kiefer are about to unlock the secret of the Shrine of Mysteries, Maribel finds them. She threatens them to take her along with them or else she will tell everyone about their secret. Faced with this dilemma, the two allow her to tag along as they finish exploring the ruins. When the Hero activates the Pedestal that leads to Ballymolloy, Maribel is shocked at the happenings. The three of them are transported to Ballymolloy.

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After the party clears Providence, Nottagen, and Hubble, Maribel exclaims that she is tired. She decides to head to her house to rest. Before they leave the Ruins, they are encountered by an Estard soldier. He tells Maribel that her father, Mayor Mayde has taken ill. Maribel hurries home to see her father bedridden being attended to by the local priest and her mother. Maribel is in no position to adventure at this junction.

After the Hero, Ruff, Aishe and King Donald are thrown off the Sky Stone, the island of Estard is sealed, they go to see Maribel. She asks the Hero if there is a seal on their continent. She realizes that the party needs her help to remove the seal and rejoins the party.

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When the Demon Lord is defeated, the party goes through the lands and they sing the praises of the heroes.

After several months, the Amitt Festival occurs. Maribel once again tries to stow away on the ship but is found out by the Hero. She starts to chew him out until she is caught by the Head Cook again. However, Pollock allows Maribel to come on the fishing voyage this time, to her delight.


Warriors of Eden

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Maribel learns the following abilities naturally.

Level Skill/Spell MP Required Target Info Twinhits
3 Frizz 2 One enemy Does between 10 and 15 HP in fire spell damage No
4 Sap 3 One Enemy Cuts a single enemy's defense in half No
5 Evac 8 Field Allows party to escape a dungeon No
7 Snooze 3 One Group Puts a group of enemies to sleep No
9 Bang 5 All Enemies Causes an explosion that does around 20 HP damage to all enemies No
10 Heal 2 One Ally Heals ~30HP to one ally No
11 Dazzle 5 One Group Causes one group of enemies to miss physical attacks more often No

Voice actresses

Aoi Yūki (Japanese) - Twins Kings and Ending of the Prophecy


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