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Instead of using swords, the Fighter uses his very body as a weapon
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Martial Artist is a vocation in the Dragon Quest game series.

Martial Artist have a great amount of speed, agility, and strength. They can deal devastating amounts of damage from a single strike, and can be equipped with a variety of weapons. However, if equipped with any weapon other than a claw, a Fighter's abilities will actually decrease, as his or her attack power will lower considerably. This is because Fighters prefer to attack with their bare hands, and so only claw type weapons will make their attack power rise.

A Martial Artist has a higher chance of scoring a critical hit on an enemy than other classes.




Stat Changes

Agility +15%
Defence -10%
Max. MP -50%


Battles Needed
1 White Belt Leg Sweep 1
2 Orange Belt/Yellow Belt Roundhouse Kick 16
3 Yellow Belt/Green Belt Wind Sickles 32
4 Blue Belt/Brown Belt Dodgy Dance 60
5 Brown Belt/Black Belt Spirit Punch 90
6 Red Belt Strike Weakness 125
7 Black Belt Tossfiend 158
8 Fight King Swordline 200


Stat Changes

Strength -/+0%
Agility +15%
Guard -10%
Intelligence -20%
Appearance -/+0%
Max. HP -/+0%
Max. MP -50%


Battles Needed
1 White Belt - 0
2 Yellow Belt Leg Sweep 8
3 Green Belt Flying Knee 16
4 Brown Belt Roundhouse Kick 25
5 Black Belt Heave-Ho 35
6 Instructor Pressure Pointer 45
7 Dojo Master Knuckle Sandwich 57
8 Fist of Fate Wind Sickles 82

Hybrid Abilities

Dancer Jock Dance
Jester Retaliate
Mage Fire Air
Mariner Big Trip
Shepherd Ram Attack
Thief K.O. Punch


The Martial Artist skill Wind Beast is worth learning as it grows in strength the higher the level. In terms of development, the fighter class is required to master in order to become a Dragoon and Paladin. The great thing about fighter class is that these two classes combine to make a Godhand. The Godhand is worth investing some time and battles in getting if the player is looking to go to the bonus dungeons.

The Martial Artist hybrid skills are not very exciting except for Jock Dance. However, Roundhouse does the same thing and it doesn't require changing into a Dancer to do so.


DQIX - Martial Artist

The Martial Artist vocation is available after visiting Stornway and has the unique skill set "Focus." Martial Artists can also use skill points to learn Fan, Staff, Claw, and Fisticuffs skills. Their Coup-de-Grace is "Roaring Tirade," which terrorizes all enemies and raises tension by one level.


4 War Cry
10 Natural Agility +10
16 Psyche Up
22 Natural Strength +10
32 Mens Sana
42 Natural Max HP +30
55 Mind Over Matter
68 Natural Agility +30
82 Meditation
100 Natural Agility +60


Notable Fighters


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