Dragon Quest IV
Sprite(s) Dq4mara-sprite-NES
Japanese name マーニャ
Rōmaji Mānya
Gender Female
Class Dancer
Race(s) Human
Age 20
Family Meena (sister)
Mahabala (father) †

Maya (Mara in the NES version) is a playable character in IV.


Maya is very similar in appearance to Meena, her younger sister. Maya wears next to nothing, the better to show off her body when she dances.


Though during the game she is still grieving the death of her father, Maya is generally a very outgoing, if slightly immature, person. When she dances, she does so without inhibition, every movement filled with energy and freedom. This trait shows through in everything else she does as well. She seems to have a gambling problem, a possible result of this trait. She finds towns without casinos boring.



Main Games


Chapter 4 is set with Maya and Meena performing at a town populated almost entirely by entertainers and tourists. They use their job as a cover and the town as a base to investigate the murder of their father, a prominent alchemist. Though they suspect his apprentice, Balzack, killed him in order to steal the Secret of Evolution, they have nothing to back up their claim, and keep it to themselves for the time being.

After following the trail through several towns across the entire country, they finally confront the murderer at his castle. Unfortunately, after his defeat, his master, the Marquis de Léon, soundly defeats them in battle and throws them into the dungeon. Luckily, its only other occupant points them to a secret exit, and after they escape they flee directly to Endor.

In Chapter 5, Meena is attempting to continue her fortune-telling business but Maya blows all the gold they'd earned on their journey at the Casino, leaving them fairly stranded in the city. Luckily, the Hero has been told to seek out his destined allies, and locates Meena and Maya in short order. Maya swears never to gamble again and the two sisters join the player's party for the remainder of the game.

A ways into Chapter 5, the party confronts Balzack, at Castle Zamovska. He has used an imperfect version of the Secret of Evolution to become Baalzack, but the party is still able to kill him, avenging the death of the sisters' father.

Side Games

The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below

Maya is encountered in the underwater shrine. When the party first comes across her, she is dancing at the entrance of the shrine, causing the party to distrust her until Alena cheerfully greets her. Maya tells them that she, too, was pulled into their world from her own. She agrees to accompany the party after Kiryl tells her that they are travelling with a king and that he would surely pay handsomely for her assistance. She shows interest in Terry, expressing amusement towards his harsh treatment of her and is disappointed when Alena tells her that casinos likely do not exist in this world.

Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End


As a dancer rather than a warrior, Maya is physically frail, possessing practically zero Strength, and the lowest Defence and HP in the game. The tradeoff is the highest Agility, good Wisdom, a great deal of MP, and a very strong set of spells, including support spells like Sap, strong damage-dealers like Sizzle and Frizzle, and oddities like Puff!.


Dragon Quest IV (DS) 
Spell Level Learned
Frizz 1
Sap 5
Sizz 7
Evac 9
Zoom 9
Bang 12
Sizzle 14
Drain Magic 16
Frizzle 19
Safe Passage 21
Boom 23
Kasizzle 27
Puff! 30
Kafrizzle 33
Kaboom 36


Maya is known as Manya in the original Japanese and Mara in the original NES version.

Voice actresses


  • There is a pair of sisters in Greenthumb Gardens who are a reference to Maya and Meena, in Dragon Quest VII.
  • Maya and her sister Meena both make an appearance in Dragon Quest IX, at the Quester's rest.
  • From June 10th to July 10th, 2016, a dessert called the "Manya Tea Parfait" was available at the real-life Luida's Bar in Tokyo to promote the release of Dragon Quest Heroes II. Designed to look like Maya, it contains chocolate, milk tea pudding, black sesame marshmallows and is topped with silver confectionery candy. There was also a parfait based on Meena, as well.


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