DQIVDS - Medislime
Japanese name ベホイミスライム
Rōmaji Behoimisuraimu
Family Slime
Introduced in IV

Medislime (formerly translated as Mighty Healer) are brown-colored healslimes with purple tentacles. They originally appeared in Dragon Quest IV in the area around Riverton. In their next appearance in Dragon Quest IX, they are now the stronger version of Healslimes.



Mighty Healer
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IV
Console NES

Game Appearance Dragon Quest IV
Console PS/DS
HP  ???
MP  ???
Attack  ???
Defense  ???
Agility  ???
Experience 162
Gold 55


It appears in the 3DS version.


#083 - Medislime
Game Appearance Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
HP 82
MP 20
Attack 82
Defense 80
Agility 70
Experience 300
Gold 110
Dropped Item Strong medicine (common, 1/16)
Slimedrop (rare, 1/32)
Spells Midheal
Family Slime
Description Monsters are always made up to see these support slimes' yellow faces when they turn up to tend them with Midheal.

In a bid to be the best-beloved of beasts, they make a meal of healing, mending with Midheal when Heal will do.

Locations The Bad Cave, Angel Falls (Slime Hill)


Monster Meadows Quotes

-"Here gooze nothing! Midheal! (Heals player)"

-"(slurp) Ah, goo day to you! (squish)"

-"(squish) How's it gooing? (slurp)"

Other languages

Other languages
French Coagluant
German Unknown
Spanish Semimedulimo
Italian Unknown
Dutch Unknown
Swedish Unknown
Greek Unknown
Portuguese Unknown
Russian Unknown
Chinese Unknown
Korean Unknown


Rapheal, a healslime scout in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, claims to have once been an ochre color prior to the burden of debt turning him blue. If this is true, he would have likely been a medislime.

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