Megaton hammer
DQVIII - Megaton hammer
Japanese name メガトンハンマー
Rōmaji Megatonhanmā
Introduced in VIII

The Megaton hammer is a huge hammer that weighs heavy on the heads of those it hits.



The megaton hammer has an attack bonus of +108, and changes Yangus' critical hit rate from 1/64 (normal conditions) and 1/32 (skill trait) to 1/8th when using a normal attack. Though these merits are very impressive, some fans feel that the weapon, and as well as hammers as a whole, play something of second fiddle to the former bandit's other weapon choices.

Recipe: Über war hammer + Conquerer's axe + Orichalcum


 Megaton Hammer  (DS:DQ9)
Type Weapon (Hammer)
Rarity ★★★☆☆
Attack +127
Found 1% chance in Rank 8 chests
Recipe Hela's hammer × 1 + Orichalcum × 1 + Densinium × 3
Buy Price N/A G
Sell Price 21200 G
Flavor text A huge hammer that weighs heavy on the heads of those it hits.

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