Metal king sword
DQVDS - Metal king sword
Japanese name メタルキングのけん
Rōmaji Metarukingu no ken
Introduced in V

The Metal king sword (メタルキングのけん, Sword of metal king) is a powerful sword in the Dragon Quest series. It is frequently one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It also has the ability to deal damage to metal slimes. It features an emblem of a metal king slime on its crossguard.


Dragon Quest V

The metal king sword has an attack bonus of +130. It can be purchased as a casino prize for 50,000 tokens. It can be equipped by the Hero and his son.

Dragon Quest VI

The metal king sword has an attack bonus of +130 and a style bonus of +40. Everyone can equip it. The only place it can be found is floor five of Mortamor's Dreadlair. It can be sold for 7,500 gold.

Dragon Quest VII

The metal king sword has an attack bonus of +130 and a style bonus of +40. It can be equipped by the HeroMaribelSir Mervyn, and Aishe. Metal king swords can be purchased at the Premium Bazaar final evolution of the Haven. It also provides a +50 style bonus if equipped along with the metal king shieldmetal king helm, and metal king armour.

Dragon Quest IX

The metal king sword has an attack bonus of +137, a style bonus of +78, and a three star rarity. It can be sold for 30,000 gold but not bought. Its in game description is "An incredibly hard blade that carries incredible clout." WarriorsThievesMinstrelsGladiators, and Armamentalists can equip it. It is created using the alchemy recipe of: Liquid metal sword x 1+ Orichalcum x 1+ Slime crown x 1.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

A mighty sword lethal to metal monsters. Obtained through Wi-Fi. It has an attack bonus of +102.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2

They can be stolen from metal king slimes. It can be bought for 62,300 gold and sold for 6,230 gold. It has an attack bonus of +102.

Dragon Quest Swords

This weapon is made by tempering the Rusty Old Sword with 5 Gold Bar and 4 Noble Metal. This sword is particularly effective against metal enemies.


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Location Info
Castle Avalonia Tempered at armor shop (38000g)

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