Metal slime armour
Japanese name メタスラよろい
Rōmaji Metasura yoroi
Introduced in IX

The Metal slime armour is armour with a metal slime emblem that staves off spells.

Metal slime armour can be upgraded to Liquid metal armour

 Bodywear Metal slime armour  (DS:DQ9)
Type Armor (Torso)
Rarity ★★☆☆☆
Defence +63
Found 1% chance in Rank 9 chests
Recipe N/A
Vocations DQ9 Warrior IconMinstrel IconDQ9GladiatorIconDQ9PaladinIconDQ9ArmamentalistIconDQ9LuminaryIcon
Buy Price N/A G
Sell Price 19000 G
Flavor text Armour with a metal slime emblem that staves off spells.
Notes -15% damage from elemental attacks
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