Meteorite bracer
DQVIII - Meteorite bracer
Japanese name ほしふるうでわ
Rōmaji Hoshi furūde wa
Introduced in III

The Meteorite Bracer is a recurring accessory in the Dragon Quest game series series.


Dragon Quest IV

The Meteorite Bracer is an accessory that doubles the wearer's agility.

Dragon Quest V

The Meteorite Bracer is an accessory that will, when equipped, double the agility of the one party member who is in possession of said aforementioned accessory.

Dragon Quest IX

The Meteorite Bracer is an accessory that bestows +100 agility.

It can be used to make an Uber Falcon Blade. (Falcon Blade+Meteorite bracer).

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DQIX - Serena

It can be made using:

  • Gold Bar x 1
  • Agility Ring x 2
  • Lucida Shard x 3

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