Japanese name ローレシア
Rōmaji Rōreshia

Midenhall (AKA Lorasia) is a castle located in northeast Torland. It is the home of the Prince of Midenhall, the main protagonist of Dragon Quest II. It is the starting and ending point of Dragon Quest II. At the beginning of Dragon Quest II, a wounded soldier arrives from the kingdom of Moonbrooke. He tells the king of the events of Hargon's attack, setting in motion the events of Dragon Quest II.

The name Lorasia derives from Princess Gwaelin (called Lady Laura in the original japanese versions). She and the Hero from Dragon Quest traveled to new lands after the events of Dragon Quest. Midenhall is likely one location they founded as it is also ruled by one of their descendants.

Item Shop

Dragon Quest II (NES)
Item Price Attributes
Antidote Herb 8 G {{{attributes}}}
Medical Herb 15 G {{{attributes}}}

Dragon Warrior II (GBC)
Item Price Attributes
Antidote 8 G {{{attributes}}}
Leather Shield 90 G {{{attributes}}}
Herb 10 G {{{attributes}}}


 ?? (Dragon Quest II,NES)
4g/person (Dragon Quest II,GBC)


Dragon Quest II
Info Destination
In western courtyard Shrine West of Zahan

Locked Doors

Dragon Quest II
Key Type Info
Silver Key Provides access to prison area
Golden Key Provides access to treasury
Jailers Key In prison area
Jailers Key In prison area, provides access to Evil Clown


Item Location
Copper Sword Received from king at beginning of game
50g Received from king at beginning of game


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