Mighty armlet
DQH - Mighty armlet
Japanese name ごうけつのうでわ
Rōmaji Go uketsu nōde wa
Introduced in IV
Mighty armlet (1)

Dragon Quest IX sprite

The Mighty armlet is a recurring accessory in the Dragon Quest game series series. Introduced in Dragon Quest IV, can be seen again in Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest IX. It raises strength of a single character.


Dragon Quest IV

The mighty armlet is an accessory that increases strength by 25. It can be bought in Item Shop for 37 000G, taken from a treasure chest in Zenithia Castle and received as a reward for collecting 47 Mini Medals. It can be worn by all characters and is the best of attack rising accessories.

Dragon Quest VIII

This accessory raises strength of character by 15. It's also used as an alchemy ingredient. Three alchemy recipes require mighty armlet. It can be got from Treasure chest on Isolated Plateau and made with alchemy combining Strength ring and Titan Belt. Every character can wear the mighty armlet.

Dragon Quest IX

The Mighty armlet is an accessory and is commonly used in alchemy as ingredient for many recipes. It increses character's strength by 12. It can be found in treasure chest in Realm of the Almighty, received as a reward for quest 128 (P-P-Pick me up a pickaxe) and synthesised in alchemy using Gold bracer, Strength ring and Tough guy tattoo.

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