Mini medal
Japanese name ちいさなメダル
Rōmaji Chīsana medaru
Introduced in IV
DQ9 MiniMedal

A mini medal (also known as TinyMedal or Small Medal) is an item hidden throughout many Dragon Quest games. They are often found in chests or drawers, treasure chests, and other searchable locations. Collected mini medals can be exchanged for various prizes in the games in which they are found. These often include equipment, but in the Monster Series, they can be used to obtain rare monster Eggs.

Dragon Quest III

Mini medals only appear in the remakes of Dragon Quest III. They are collected by a man living in the well in Aliahan.

Medals Prize
5Thorn whip
20Edged boomerang
30Strength Ring
50Ninja suit
60Justice abacus
80Dragon claw
90Vivify wand
95Sacred bikini
100Gold pass

Dragon Quest IV

In Dragon Quest IV, mini medals are collected by a king who lives in Minikin's Dominion.

In the NES version, a total of 32 medals could be found, which were used as a separate currency for the prizes offered by the medal king. A player could get more than one of the same prize offered by the medal king; however, in order to get the best prize the player could not buy any other prize, as it cost 32 medals.

Medals Prize
1Staff of divine wrath
4Happy hat
6Miracle sword
20Liquid metal helm

In the DS remake, the number of medals and prizes earned was changed to follow the system used in more recent Dragon Quest games:

Medals Prize
15Strength ring
20Ruby of protection
25Magical skirt
30Staff of divine wrath
34Kerplunk bracer
38Miracle sword
43Happy hat
47Mighty armlet
52Liquid metal shield
60Gringham whip

Dragon Quest V

Mini medals can be brought to King Dominicus in the southernmost island of the world.

Medals Prize
23Miracle sword
28Sacred armour
35Falcon blade
50Metal king shield

Dragon Quest VI

Mini medals can be brought to Medford's Manor after defeating Jamirus.

Medals Prize
15 Staff of divine wrath
25 Raging ruby
30 Platinum sword
40 Miracle sword
50 Sands of Time
60 Sacred armour
70 Metal king helm
80 Glombolero
90 Dragonic diligence
100 Robust lingerie

Dragon Quest VII

After the player defeats Gracos in Wetlock, the player is able to access King Maximo's Mansion, provided that they also have the Flying Carpet.

Medals Prize Infomation
45 Poison Needle A venomous barb which can inflict a critical hit (instant death). Will always deal 1 point of damage
50 Staff of Divine Wrath Has the same effect as Swoosh when used in battle
58 Kamikazee bracer Rousing wristwear that may just save the day in times of need!
65 Miracle Sword After a regular attack, regain 1/4 of damage inflicted as HP
75 Enclosure Plan Used in the Monster Park
83 Sage's Stone Infinite use, this rock restores some of each party member's HP (50-60) in battle
85 Mysterious Fragment Used on the Pedestals in the Estard Ruins.
90 Metal King Shield Mitigates 30 points of damage from Frizz, Sizz, and Bang-based spells as well as fire and ice-based breath attacks
95 Glombolero This curious garment sometimes absorbs MP from enemey spells
105 Gringham whip This wicked whip can attack a whole group of enemies at once
110 Platinum King Heart Allows one character to become a Platinum King Jewel when taken to the Alltrades Abbey

Dragon Quest VIII

In Dragon Quest VIII, they are collected by Princess Minnie:

28: Fishnet Stockings

36: Posh Waistcoat

45: Staff of Divine Wrath

52: Gold Nugget

60: Meteorite Bracer

68: Miracle Sword

75: Sacred Armour

83: Lump of Orichalcum

90: Metal King Helmet

98: Dangerous Bustier

110: Flail of Destruction

Dragon Quest IX

Captain Max Meddlin collects mini medals in Dragon Quest IX. He can be found in the north east corner of Dourbridge.Prizes are awarded after giving the captain a certain number of mini medals, starting at 4. After the captain is presented with the 80th mini medal, he gives the player a Dragon Robe and the Capn's Curtsy party trick. Afterwards, the player can trade in any number of mini medals for whichever prize they choose. The prizes are listed below

Mini medal rewards:


Medals required

Thief's key 4 A key, which can unlock some lower leveled chests.
Mercury's bandana 8 Head wear, any vocation.
Bunny suit 13 Body wear for women, any vocation.
Jolly roger jumper 18 Body wear, any vocation.
Transparent tights 25 Leg wear, any vocation. Looks like when nothing is equipted.
Miracle sword 32 Recovers HP when attacking an enemy.
Sacred armour 40 Recovers HP after every turn. Useful with Miracle Sword.
Meteorite bracer 50 Increases agility by 100.
Rusty helmet 62
Dragon robe 80

After obtaining 80 you can trade in a certain amount to obtain items like the Miracle Sword, Orichalcum and other hard-to-find items.

Prayer ring 3 mini medals

Elfin elixir 5 mini medals

Saints ashes 8 mini medals

Reset stone 10 mini medals

Orichalcum 15 mini medals

Pixie boots 20 mini medals

Dragon Quest Swords

You can exchange your mini medals to Minimoggie . He is located in a cave in the north east corner of Castle Avalonia.

Dragon Quest Monsters

Mini Medals are a crucial element in the world of DQM. They are found in various pots and dressers in GreatTree, but can also be found in the Gate Realms. Once Terry unlocks the Arena, he can visit a strange old man that lives on a cliff nearby, and exchange medals for Monster Eggs.


Monster Egg Medals Needed
ZapBird 13 Medals
Trumpeter 18 Medals
Spikerous 25 Medals
Metabble 30 Medals

In addition to these eggs, the Metaly owned by the Medal Man will reveal a special gate if you talk to it after receiving the ZapBird egg.


The majority of TinyMedals are found in the Gate Realms. However, as stated above, they can also be found in GreatTree. There are a total of 8 Medals.

Location Details
Pulio's Farm Check the pot on the far left of the screen, near the ArmyAnt.
Monster Arena Check the barrels on the lower-right of the Arena, above the screen where the player meets Teto.
Bazaar Near the first shop, in one of the pots.
GreatTree After accessing the lower level, head into the Little Girl's house and check the drawers. Her house is the top entrance.
Monster Stable Immediately after unlocking, check the drawers.
Pulio's Farm Check the pot again after the first quake.
Queen's Chamber Show her a GoldGolem.
Queen's Chamber Show her a Divinegon.

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