Mirror shield
DQVIII - Mirror shield
Japanese name ミラーシールド
Rōmaji Mirāshīrudo
Introduced in IV

The Mirror shield is a shield equipment item in the Dragon Quest series. True to its name, it can reflect spells back at the caster.


Dragon Quest IV

The mirror shield has a defence bonus of +45 and can be equipped by The HeroRagnar McRyan, and Kiryl. It has a 25% chance to bounce magic back, and cuts all types of spell damage (save zap) by 33.3%

It is found in the Doorway to Nadiria and can be sold for 6,750 gold coins.

Dragon Quest VIII

The mirror shield offers a defense bonus of +43. It can be equipped by the Hero or Angelo, and has a 20% chance to reflect spells. When equipped along with the Mirror armour, the reflection rate jumps to 33.3%.