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Dragon Quest
Japanese name モコモコ
Rōmaji Mokomoko
Gender Male
Class Hero
Race(s) Human
Age 17
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed brothers
Unnamed sisters

Moco is a character in Dragon Quest.


Moco s a short and stocky boy with a muscular build. He has brown-colored skin with long, black hair with long bangs. He is often seen wearing a skull helmet on his head, a brown-colored sleeveless fur vest, along with gold-colored bracelets on each of his wrists. An ornate green, white and black sash adorned with a pair of hammers underneath the waistband area covers the left side of his bare chest. He also wears a pair of yellow (or orange) pair of long pants held up by a green waistband and wears a pair of black boots. His weapon, up until episode 21, was a pair of large granite clubs he often kept on his back by the waistband until they were destroyed by a metal slime. For the remainder of the series, he used a single metal mace.


He is often seen as being temperamental, smarmy, and hot-headed at times. He is not very smart, but usually helps his fellow friends out in the quest by accidentally revealing secret passageways. He also has a voracious appetite, often being seen eating food or carrying food with him. He is infatuated with Abel's close friend Tiara and was the driving force in joining Abel in his quest to defeat Baramos.



Dragon Quest

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