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Monster Master
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest X -
DQX - Monster Master

Monster Master is a vocation in the Dragon Quest game series.



Stat Changes

Statistics Change
Battles to Master165
Max HP-20%
Max MP-30%
TraitSometimes attacks while asleep


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1Slime MasterN/A0-
2Beast TamerSweet Breath18All enemiesPuts all enemies to sleep0
3Zombie TamerPoison Breath33All enemiesPoisons all enemies0
4Nature MasterTongue Bashing58???Reduces defense of enemies0
5Demon MasterCool Breath77All enemiesEmits a cold breath0
6Troll MasterFlame Breath93All enemiesEmits a fiery breath0
7Material MasterBurning Breath125All enemiesStuns all enemies0
8Dragon TamerPuff!165SelfTransforms into a dragon18



  • In the original version, having a Beastmaster in the party increases the chances that a monster will join you upon its defeat.


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