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Monster Meadows (formally The Monster Park) is a side quest in the game Dragon Quest VII.


Monster Meadows is available when the player defeats the Sulkk in Nottagen. When Nottagen is brought to the present, Monster Meadows appears next to Nottagen.

When the player enters Monster Meadows, they see a house. Inside the house lives Monty (formally The Monster Guru). Monty's dream is to create a place where people can come from all over the world to view monsters in their natural habitat. He asks the party to help him with his dream. Should they accept, the player can now tame monsters for the park. Monty will give the party a bag of beef jerky in order to tame monsters.


In order to tame monsters, the player must have the beef jerky in their inventory. It is a quest item so as such, it cannot be thrown away. The player does not need to have the beef jerky in one of the player's inventory. It can be left in the communal bag.

When the party fights monsters, they must defeat the monster for a chance to tame it. The monster who is defeated last will be the one that the player has a chance at taming so if the player is looking to tame a specific monster, leave that monster for last. Each monster has a set taming value ranging from very easy, like a Slime to very hard. The higher the value the more difficulty there is in taming a monster. The player can only tame one of each monster. If duplicates arrive, they are sent into storage where the player can choose to release that monster into the wild again.

There are certain things that can help the player tame monsters. Having a party member who has been a Tamer will help by using the Tamer ability. It increases the likelihood that a monster can be tamed. Using Ribs will also increase the likelihood that a tamed monster will appear. The fillet is a specialty item. When used in battle, it has the ability of taming any monster, regardless of taming difficulty. However, there is only one fillet in the game. It can be won after defeating The Almighty in less than 20 turns.

Enclosure plans

In the beginning, Monster Meadows will have only three areas: a grassy plain, a storage area for monsters, and Monty's house. However, during the course of the game, the player will come across Enclosure plans (formally blueprints). Enclosure plans will allow the monster guru to build new areas for different monsters. There are nine blueprints in the game.

  • Hamelia Tower in the present: defeat KingSlime
  • Medal King in the present: collect 75 TinyMedals
  • Labres in the past: Mt. Tor in treasure chest
  • Gorges in the past: next to the Pendragon's house
  • Coastal in the past: Halfling's Cave in a treasure chest
  • Coastal in the present: purchase for 5000 Tokens in the Casino
  • Coral Lake in the present: In treasure chest
  • Sharkeye's ship in the present: In treasure chest
  • Dark Palace in the present: In treasure chest.


After the player collects all monsters for the monster park, Monty will thank you. He will give the party a Memento of Chibi. It serves as a mark of accomplishment but does nothing else.

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