Murdaw's Keep is a location in the world of Dragon Quest VI . It is also the first location in which the game starts, and is critical to the plot of the game. The Dread Fiend Murdaw is found here, and is situated on the Isle of Murdaw.

Isle of Murdaw

The island which houses Murdaw's Keep is similar to that of a tropical volcanic island. The exterior cannot be explored, due to being part of the overworld, but a wrecked ship can be visited and explored.

The lower floors of the interior is covered with magma which is harmful to walk on. The higher floors are more natural and have cave-like appearances, complete with a waterfall in one of the rooms. The exit leads to a forest and a cliff, which is the entrance proper.

The island can only be reached via the ship obtained in Ghent, or through other vehicles found in the respective world.

Murdaw's Keep

Murdaw's Keep is explored in the first few minutes of the game, and appears to be a large castle decorated with various antiquities. There is a visible staircase that ascends from some other location, but is long and winded, and surrounded by small towers. The Keep can only be accessed through the means of a flying dragon. The entirety of the Keep sits on a mountain surrounded by a dark sky.

There are no random encounters in the keep, as all battles are fought by activating events for certain items. These events are in the form of Sculptrice statues.

At the end of the castle, in the throne room, sits Murdaw.


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