Nadiria is the name of the evil underworld in Dragon Quest IV and V. It is accessible only near the end of each game and contains the final dungeon and boss for each. It has its own world map which is typically much darker (and smaller) than the normal world map. In Dragon Quest VI there is a world similar to Nadiria, called the Dread Realm, except instead of being below the world it is between the real world and world of dreams.

Its counterpart is Zenithia, a castle in the sky.


Dragon Quest IV

Nadiria lies beneath the Central Island. Access is granted through a cave said to lead to the abyss. Nadiria itself appears as an enclosed realm containing both Heaven's Haven and Castle Nadiria, along with four barrier shrines.

Dq4ds nadiria tileset

Nadiria as it appears in Dragon Quest IV

Dragon Quest V

In this game another part of Nadiria is seen. It has three islands and is surrounded by a purple ocean. It seems to be a mixture of forests and sand with poison puddles on the top part of the three islands. The protaganists come to this area to destroy Nimzo.


Nadiria as it appears in Dragon Quest V


  • The name "Nadiria" is derived from nadir, meaning the lowest point, or (appropriately) point of greatest adversity or despair.
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