Dragon Quest VI
DQVIDS - Nevan
Sprite(s) Dq6 chamoro-sprite
Japanese name チャモロ
Rōmaji Chamoro
Gender Male
Title(s) Ghentile Prodigy
Class Priest
Race(s) Human
Age 15
Family Elder grandfather

Nevan is a playable character in VI. He is a priest from the village of Ghent.


Nevan appears to have traits of both an academic and a priest; being an academic, he wears round-rimmed glasses; and he wears a bishop's robes and mitre in yellow with purple accents. He carries what appears to be a green satchel over his right hip, and wields a two-handed mace in his artwork.


Nevan carries himself in an almost regal fashion, as would befit a priest. He speaks in an upper-class formal dialect, but makes no intent to flaunt his stature as a member of the governing family of Ghent. Nonetheless, he is extremely respectful of his grandfather and will do as he asks.

His role in party chat suggests that he looks at the world from a scholarly view, a stark contrast to the rest of the group having been moulded by prior experience.



Main Games

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Land of Illusion

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